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My Books

A story about werewolves, Epoks, rat men, Man Plus, bat people, horse people, Designer Beasts, vampires, halflings, fallen angels, Pookas, Furbush people, and more.

Please note: Far from politically correct, these books are for 18 and older.

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My Art

I enjoyed drawing in grade school, but there were no classes to take. When I turned 60, I decided to teach myself to draw and write books. Check out both below.

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My Life

If you could live your life over, knowing what you know now, what would you do differently? It is an interesting question, and something everyone at some point in their lives contemplates...

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My Life

If you could live your life over, knowing what you know now, what would you do differently? It is an interesting question and something everyone contemplates at some point in their lives.
Myself, I would change almost everything, everything except my bodybuilding experience. I would have gone to different colleges, majored in other subjects, taken different jobs, and dated different women.
Bodybuilding opened doors for me, gave me job opportunities, and was more than just "good" to me. It enabled me to meet some of the finest people on this earth that I could never have met in any other way. I met movie stars and professional athletes. I traveled over much of the world. I was adopted into a primitive tribe of people and even met a king. Even though I was never able to win a National Championship (Mr. America), I took my body as far as it was genetically possible in the sport. Not everyone can become Mr. America, but it doesn't mean you have failed in life and must turn to dope, become a religious fanatic, or join Hell's An­gels. I say this because I have seen it happen to people in the sport who went down that road. They had spent their whole lives pursuing the Mr. America title and always finished close enough to keep them coming back again and again, year after year. Eventually, they realized they were never going to win, were approaching late middle age, and had spent their entire life in a gym.
In conclusion, I think that success in bodybuilding gives you the confidence to succeed in almost everything else you put your mind to. So, if your dream is big enough and you've got the talent and the guts to follow it, you can achieve almost anything.

~ Mike Jones 

Mike Jones 1982


Werewolf Supplemental Book 1
Book 1


A washed-up athlete ending a bad marriage becomes a scholar, meets a beautiful woman who turns him into a werewolf, and finds a portal to another world.

Werewolf Supplemental Book 2
Book 2

Becoming the 'Hound of God,' Animal-X journeys to a world where life is cheap, death is swift, and even a werewolf staying alive is a roll of the dice.

Werewolf Supplemental Book 3
Book 3

Animal-X pursues the woman who bit him into the bowels of hell, seeking a relationship, discovering a son, and culminating in an all-out war.

Werewolf Supplemental Book 4
Book 4

Coming Soon...
Keep watching for book 4.

Animal-X Illustrated Mike Jones
Animal-X Illustrated

A pictorial history of some of the creatures and people you will see and read about in the Werewolf Supplemental series.

Written & Illustrated by Mike Jones

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Have you read my books? Have you seen my pictures? Modified art versions exist throughout tattoo parlors and other places across the world. Please tag me. It is always interesting to see what others have done with the art.

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